We have podcasted the latest of FM Nicola Sturgeon’s press briefing where journalists are invited to ask questions of their choosing. The briefing took place on 6th Feb 2023 and was livestreamed on @Scoptgov twitter.

Although this is only the second of these briefings, we think they are proving to be very useful. This is a format where Nicola Sturgeon shines, as we saw in her daily briefings during the covid pandemic. None of the other political leaders subject themselves to such direct questioning from the press.

The briefings also provide a direct line for the FM to give her views on a wide range of topics. This makes it more likely that press coverage will reflect what she has actually said, rather than journalistic spin. The journalist’s choice of topics is also a useful indicator of what they think their readers are interested in. Topics in today’s briefing include:

Alcohol advertising consultation

Deposit return scheme

GRA bill

Sec 35 challenge

Teachers strike

Council budgets

FMs tax returns

Recent opinion polls

Maternity health services in the NE

Liz Truss returning to politics

National care service bill

You can also watch the livestreamed version of the press briefing on the @Scotgov twitter.

You can listen to the previous broadcast here. We will set up a new FM Briefing category so you can find them all in the same place.

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