We Blog Too! Scottish Independence Podcasts

We Blog Too !

We blog too! If we find things in the news that relate to one of our podcasts, we’ll tell you about it here. If we introduce a new podcast category playlist, we’ll let you know here. And if you sign up to our mail list, we’ll send you a monthly news round-up.

Holyrood Mace.

Three Go to Holyrood

Three Go To Holyrood Every now and then the IndyPodcaster team have a day out together. This is one of them. And this time we take the tour of the...

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Hot Topics - watch them here

Hot Topics!

Hot Topics : The news cycle is so fast these days that it’s hard to keep up. And these news stories soon fade from the headlines. So we’ve begun a...

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When is a snare not a snare? Scottish Independence Podcasts

When is a Snare not a Snare?

When is a Snare not a Snare? Never. A snare is always a snare. I’m not going to put up any photos of trapped animals. But take it from me they show...

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Free Palestine! Scottish Independence Podcasts

Free, Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! On Saturday Feb 3rd thousands of people marched down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in support of Palestine. One of our volunteers was there...

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Tom Nairn Breakup of Britain Conference What next for SNP & Labour

Out of the Maelstrom

Out of the Maelstrom was a phrase used in 2020 by Tom Nairn Tom was one of the UK’s leading philosophers and intellectual grandfather of the...

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Twittering … Our Saved Tweets

Twittering – our Saved Tweets from the IndyPodcasters… You know when you see an interesting tweet, or a funny one, or one that gets your...

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