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We Blog Too !

We blog too! If we find things in the news that relate to one of our podcasts, we’ll tell you about it here. If we introduce a new podcast category playlist, we’ll let you know here. And if you sign up to our mail list, we’ll send you a monthly news round-up.

Extremist Threat Bloody Nationalist

Are You an Extremist Threat?

#Extremist Threats to Britain In his speech this week, Rishi Sunak told the nation of the extremist threats facing Great Britain over the coming...

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Battle of Roslin. Reclaiming our History. Scottish Independence Podcasts

Battle of Roslin – 1303

Battle of Roslin – Reclaiming Our History 24 Feb 2024 was exactly 721 years after the Battle of Roslin, when 8000 Scots, led by the Red Comyn...

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Holyrood Mace.

Three Go to Holyrood

Three Go To Holyrood Every now and then the IndyPodcaster team have a day out together. This is one of them. And this time we take the tour of the...

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Hot Topics - watch them here

Hot Topics!

Hot Topics : The news cycle is so fast these days that it’s hard to keep up. And these news stories soon fade from the headlines. So we’ve begun a...

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When is a snare not a snare? Scottish Independence Podcasts

When is a Snare not a Snare?

When is a Snare not a Snare? Never. A snare is always a snare. I’m not going to put up any photos of trapped animals. But take it from me they show...

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