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As well as showcasing all our IndyLive Podcasts, we blog here too! If we find things in the news that relate to one of our podcasts, we’ll tell you about it here. If we introduce a new podcast category playlist, we’ll let you know here. And if you sign up to our mail list, we’ll send you a monthly news round-up.

Glasgow Pensioners’ Demo

Last week Greater Glasgow Pensioners for Indy staged a demonstration in Atlantic Square outside the UKGov Glasgow Hub. This is a substantial office...

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NHS Scotland Main A&E Dept

A&E Stats – Shock Horror!

Now I’m a fan of statistics but statistics about apples are not the same as statistics about pears. It’s fine to compare apples and pears, but not if...

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Video Clips of the Week!

Our fab video editor, Fiona, keeps her eye out on video footage from Westminster, from Holyrood, from Yes Group meetings & from elsewhere. Some...

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What Are the Polls Saying?

Immediately after the UK Supreme court gave its ruling on independence referendums being in the power of Westminster and not of Holyrood, we saw a...

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