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As well as showcasing all our Scottish Independence Podcasts, we blog here too! If we find things in the news that relate to one of our podcasts, we’ll tell you about it here. If we introduce a new podcast category playlist, we’ll let you know here. And if you sign up to our mail list, we’ll send you a monthly news round-up.

Sandy McCracken, member of the Yes Bikers. Death of a Yes Biker. Scottish Independence Podcasts

Death of a Yes Biker

Yes Biker Sandy McCracken You may have heard about the tragic death of Sandy McCracken following a serious road traffic accident en route to the...

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Edinburgh March for Independence 2 Sept, 2023. Scottish Independence Podcasts

Edinburgh March Souvenir Video

Here’s our Edinburgh March souvenir video! Fiona and I met at Waverley Station on Saturday. We wandered through Princes Street Gardens and had some...

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800 Podcasts! Scottish Independence Podcasts. Pure, dead brilliant.

800 Podcasts & 250,000 Downloads

This week is our 800th podcast. Yes, 800 Podcasts. It is also the week when we hit 250,000 downloads!! A landmark for Scottish Independence Podcasts...

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Michael Higgins, poet thinker and President of Ireland, at Holyrood addressing the Scottish Parliament. Listen to his speech. Given six after the Brexit vote.

An Irish President at Holyrood

It’s been a busy time what with the Coronation, the independence march in Glasgow, and the Republican rally over in Edinburgh. All on the same day...

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Scots & the Monarchy blog post in run-up to Coronation Day of Charles III. Scottish Independence Podcast blog.

Scots & the Monarchy

The Coronation is almost upon us. I’ve heard it described as “an event to bind the country together.” But what country? and how much binding...

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Scottish Independence Podcast Blog: Westminster has proposed Freeports in UK. SNP debated these six requirements to regulate their introduction in Scotland.

Freeports: Six Requirements

Last month we talked to our guests in Orkney about the way in which the UK Government is setting up Freeports in UK, including two here in Scotland...

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