About Us

About Us: Our Team

This podcast channel is run by a team of ordinary Scots. We volunteer our time because we passionately want Scotland to be independent.  Our two main presenters and producers are Marlene and Fiona. They thought they’d retired! We also have a very generous technical support person. He keeps in the background but without him these podcasts and this website wouldn’t exist.

About Us : Our Podcasts

We record, edit & promote all our podcasts ourselves. Every Friday we publish a new audio podcast that’s available on all the main podcast platforms. Often there is a video version too and that’s is posted to our IndyPod Extra YouTube channel and to IndependenceLive Youtube. (We’re a separate project to IndependenceLive but we help each other out and we share resources.)

During lockdown we recorded Yes Group online meetings from around Scotland. Post-lockdown meetings began to be in person again. And we enjoy taking up invitations to get out and about and record some of them. This one – Not Our King – was from a Radical Independence Campaign meeting. Some of our podcasts feature snippets on themes currently making the news headlines, for example our popular Bits & Pieces podcast. And we really enjoy recording from our online studio with invited guests. This one was with Mike Russell, SNP President, talking about the need for a written Constitution for Scotland.

The easiest way to browse our archive is to use our Podcasts Categories. See the list over to the right of this page. Or use the dropdown menu from the top of the page.

About Us: Outside Broadcasts

Now that we’re getting more skilled at recording outside, we’ve begun to take ourselves out and about. Sometimes with friends who don’t mind being assistant podcasters! These recording jaunts have resulted in some of our most watched videos:

About Us: Best Ways to Support Us

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