Humza – One Year On after taking on the job of First Minister.

Indypodcasters Fiona and Marlene share their impressions of First Minister Humza Yousaf’s first year in the job – what went well, what could have gone better – plus clips from various interviews and speeches Humza has given along the way (see links below).  

Humza - One Year On. Swearing In as First Minister.
Humza Yousaf being sworn in as First Minister

Themes covered are:

  • 00:41  First impressions
  • 02:24  Gaza – political and personal
  • 05:04  First Minister’s Questions 
  • 07:58  Childhood influences
  • 10:46  Choosing a career in politics
  • 13:57  Supporting Scottish Innovation
  • 15:38   Scottish GDP outstrips UK
  • 17:20   A failed and failing UK economy
  • 19:17   Brexit impacts and attitudes
  • 21:52   Economic dynamism and social solidarity
  • 23:08   Standing up against the Scottish media
  • 24:55    Searching for shared solutions
  • 27:13    Starmer standoff
  • 28:17    Brexit v Scexit 
  • 30:59    Consensual politics
  • 32:17    Scottish politics post-Indy
  • 34:50    Some own goals
  • 36:46    The Matheson mess
  • 38:58    Council tax freeze
  • 40:00    Hate Crime Act
  • 44:42    Pick the right battles
  • 47:43    More gallus government
  • 48:54    First Activist
  • 50:55    Building a new Scotland
  • 52:04    Our verdicts so far
  • 53:18    Humza – One year On : Our  Podcasters challenge

Includes clips from: 

More here:

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