Yes West Fife present guest speaker Lesley Riddoch

A few minutes on social media is all it takes to show you the frustration at the lack of action on independence from ScotGov, SNP, Nicola Sturgeon. Some people even think the First Minister isn’t interested in independence any more. But remember that the Indy social media bubble – while loud, active, and opinionated – isn’t a large number of people out of the Scottish voters’ roll.

It takes a brave woman to accept an invitation to speak on the subject of the progress made since the Holyrood election.

Fortunately we have one – Lesley Riddoch – and she agreed to meet up with the Yes West Fife folk to talk about it.

Lesley Riddoch isn’t slow at criticising ScotGov, SNP, etc. When she thinks they merit criticism she gives them that. She also gives them credit where credit is due. And she does both in this meeting. You can listen in here:

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