Cop28 What can we expect? and not expect?

Our Rising Clyde episode this month reports on COP28 the latest UN Climate Change Conference currently under way in Dubai. 

Dubai is the seventh biggest exporter of oil in the world and the President of this COP is himself the President of the Abu Dhabi Oil Company. That in itself has raised a few eyebrows.

We look at what’s at stake, at the end of the hottest year ever recorded. If world leaders are doing so little, why should we continue to pay any attention at all to what happens at the COP?

Host Iain Bruce talks to Becky Kenton-Lake, the Coalition Manager at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, and Nathan Thanki, of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative.

There is a video version of this podcast which you can watch here. And you’ll find previous editions of Rising Clyde and our other environmental podcasts in our Climate Emergency Playlist.

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