Part 2 of our conversation with Justin Kenrick. And we’re joined by Eva Schonveld another founder member of Extinction Rebellion Scotland.

Justin talks about his work for The Forest People’s Project and how living in the rainforest for 18 months gave him hands-on experience of how a different way of relating to our planet and to other human beings is possible and necessary.

When Justin talks about ‘the Commons’ he is not thinking about that noisy chamber down in Westminster. He thinking about the things that bind together our society, enable us to feed and clothe ourselves, protect our planet’s biodiversity. This Commons needs careful nourishment and protection. Human beings are forgetting to make sure that happens. But we neglect them at our peril.

Broadcast in Feb 2020 in the Daytime Show on IndyLive Radio. Hosts are Marlene Halliday and Val Gauld.

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