Calling all Indy activists! Glasgow Pensioners for Indy are holding a demo outside the UK Government Hub at 1 Atlantic Square in Glasgow between 12 and 1 on 23rd Feb.

In our Bonus Tuesday podcast P4Indy activists Mary McCabe and Marlene Halliday discuss the background and how to join in.

The two Hubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh were introduced without fanfare in the wake of the Brexit vote. There are a few thousand civil servants between the two buildings.

We have seen how the Tory Westminster administration has increasingly intervened in Scottish politics. They are using the Internal Markets Act to carry out a power grab from Holyrood’s devolved responsibilities. We have just seen the first use of sec 35 of the Scotland Act to veto the GRRA with the Deposit Return Scheme also in their sights.

Marlene has also produced a blogpost about the demo for the P4Indy website which you can read here:

Glasgow Pensioners take on the UK Governor General!

Read what the UK Government said about the opening of the first Uk Government Hub in Edinburgh – known by indy supporters as “Colonial HQ” – here.

The Glasgow Hub was opened in 2021. Read what the Glasgow Times reported about it here

Find more podcasts about the Indy movement’s campaigning activities in our campaign category here

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