The First Minister has launched the campaign for Indyref2! All over Scotland, campaign groups are springing into action and will no doubt be planning a summer of activities.

In this month’s episode of the Indy Jigsaw Show we bring you a few ideas for creative ways to raise the profile of the Yes movement. We need to spread the idea that independence IS normal and one of the ways to share that is to be visible.

In this podcast Fiona chats to Lynne Dougan, an active member of Yes Slates, Yes Stones and fellow Clacks Women for Independence member. To view the various creative activities discussed in the podcast, have a look at the Indy Jigsaw Extra playlist on our Indylive Extra Youtube channel. You can also watch the whole episode on Independence Live’s Youtube channel here . The beauty of most of these activities is that anyone can do them!

And if you would like to see the beautiful Yes Slates for real, they should be on next display at the AUOB Faslane demo on 30th July (weather permitting!).

Let us know what your group has planned for the summer!

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