Well, it all kicked off in June, didn’t it?? Indyref2 here we go!!

The biggest news item of the month was of course the launch of the next Scottish Independence referendum campaign.

The First Minister held a press conference to launch the information series Building a New Scotland . She also announced the proposed date for Indyref2 and set out a route map to get us there. In the face of a democracy-denying Tory government at Westminster, this may not be a straightforward journey. It is good to see that there is a Plan B in place.

We thought that both of these news items were so important in their own right that we have podcasted them separately. You can listen here:

Press conference plus Q+A

Announcement in Scottish Parliament

Bits n Pieces podcast for June 2022

So what topical titbits are left for us to cover in the June 22 Bits n Pieces Podcast ? Well, as it turns out – LOTS!! Including:

  • the alternative Platinum Jubilee
  • Westminster’s agenda of shame including the cost of living crisis; Rwanda deportation flights; the assault on the Human Rights Act and the colonial arrogance of the so called Scottish Affairs Committee
  • Holyrood highlights including another inspirational time for Reflection; putting the record straight about the census return and explaining the basics of devolved budgets to the finance committee
  • the independence campaign also hots up with some grass roots activism from Dumfries, a positive view on the benefits that borders can bring
  • and final word goes to Murdo Fraser, an unlikely supporter of independence and Lesley Riddoch summing it all up in a sentence.

Thanks to my co-host James McGregor for joining me this month to discuss the clips and thanks to everyone for listening!

This podcast contains information licenced under the Scottish Parliament Copyright Licence

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