Your pensions are safe.

In this presentation, Dr Tim Rideout from the Scottish Currency Group sets out the implications for independence on various kinds of pensions – including state pension, public sector, private, self invested, Scottish and Uk civil service.

In 2014 the effect on pensions was a key question in the debate on Scottish Independence. It will undoubtedly be so again in the #indyref23 campaign.  But this time, we have the answers at our fingertips.

The Scottish Currency Group have a Facebook group. Tim Rideout set up and runs the Scottish Reserve Bank website where you can find more information on currency in general and how to go about setting up a new currency.

One of the bits of information in the talk is taken from the 2020/2021 GERS figures. If you’re a dedicated follower of the Yes Movement you will know that GERS stands for Government Expenditure & Review Scotland. You’ll probably also know that they are a highly debated set of figures. However they do hold some golden nuggets. Dr Rideout is of the view that the Scottish Government should say clearly, up front, that it will fund current State Pension in full from Day1 of independence. He uses a GERS nugget to back that up. This is it in visual form. Listen to the podcast to hear more.

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