Media politics in Scotland

Media Politics is the topic of this week’s episode. All Scottish Independence supporters know that the weight of UK media is against us. The BBC deploys subtle – and not so subtle – tactics on a daily basis to undermine what it sees as a threat to the increasingly DISunited Kingdom. How do we overcome this obstacle?

In this episode we chat to our guests about their experiences and how they find ways to get their message across.

Our first guests are Jane Davidson and Sylvia Willmot who started a conversation with Marlene on Facebook. This turned into an invitation onto our show. We only had time to feature about 10 minutes of that interview in this podcast. BUT don’t worry, you can find the full extended version of this conversation on our  @ScottishIndyPodExtra  Youtube channel here

Our second guest is Professor John Robertson who runs the very popular blog called Talking Up Scotland. You can find out more about the blog on the website

Media Politics – Getting Our Message Across was also our monthly video show for Independence Live’s Youtube channel. Watch the whole video episode here:

Marlene adapted some of Talking Up Scotland’s material – with John Robertson’s blessing – so check out our latest blogposts here

Music: “Inspired” by Kevin MacLeod

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