The main themes of Mike’s talk are :

  • we need to have an independence campaign where we meet people, talk to them and change their minds, convert them to independence ….that is very different from the Holyrood election campaign and it won’t be possible till we’re further out of Covid
  • he stressed that Scottish Government have said clearly that they will introduce an Independence Referendum Bill at Holyrood and then it’s up to Westminster to decide what they will do.

He described three tasks which he has given himself in his new position:

  • start the flow of information again. The SNP is doing that and so are organisations like Believe in Scotland, 
  • establish better relationships across the whole of the independence movement. Find ways to work together positively and courteously while agreeing to differ on some issues. He has started that process by getting together with some Yes Movement groups to create a Transition Constitution for a newly independent Scotland.
  • build up the capabilities of the SNP to go into a referendum, in terms of its structures, etc.
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