Bits & Pieces , Aug2023

Bits & Pieces Our monthly roundup of action, talk, & discussion from around Scotland. Particularly from the 50% of Scots who support Scottish Independence.

Regular presenter Fiona is joined by guest presenter Lynne Dougan for a round up of interesting snippets from August 2023. 

Themes covered are:

00:00:33 – Glasgow UCI World Cycling Championships

00:09:58 – Bibby Stockholm scandal  and the “othering” of asylum seekers by the right wing press

00:21:15 – Hugh Grant takes down the UK press

00:22:07 – Junior doctors pay settlement – BBC vs STV versions

00:27:23 – It’s GERS week with Richard Murphy

00:30:33 – SNP MPs standing down, Mairi Black owns Oliver Dowden

00:33:20 – EU or EFTA?  Views from Philippa Whitford, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and Keir Starmer

00:38:28 – energy policy and economic strategy, Humza Yousaf, Ian Blackford and Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

00:56:40 – Corri Wilson on uniting Scotland

01:03:00 – Dust If You Must (RIP Irene Hamilton)

01:04:26 – upcoming events

01:06:11 – sign off

You can browse through out Bits & Pieces Archive. Or go to our YouTube channel for some of the video snippet that feature in Bits & Pieces

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