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Free, Free Palestine!

Free Palestine!

On Saturday Feb 3rd thousands of people marched down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in support of Palestine.

One of our volunteers was there to catch the sound, the drumming and the determination of the marchers.

Meanwhile the casualities mount and South Africa takes Israel to the ICJ

Have a listen to the first few snippets in this month’s Bits & Pieces. In the first one Brendan O’Hara tries to get a straight answer from Lord Cameron our unelected Foreign Secretary. Followed by Humza Yousaf being very clear on the question which Cameron didn’t answer. Then Stephen Flynn had another go in the Commons. And after that we hear the South African representative giving his reasons for South Africa taking Israel to the International Court of Justice.

We posted this back in November….

A peaceful but emotional demonstration at Buchanan Street steps in Glasgow back in November, protesting at the collective punishment being meted out against innocent civilians in Gaza. Glasgow demands a Cease Fire on humanitarian grounds.

For more information go to the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

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  • Don’t forget these two messianic religions both have leaders intent on extinguishing the other according to ancient tradition and scriptural instructions. A fact ignored or used by the Empirical British when establishing these two as neighbours. Now finding it convenient to support one against the other no matter what they do. Britain as a unit is folding but still has chances to creat more havoc in the world.