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Bannockburn: Horse Trotting Track Proposed Adjacent to the Battle Memorial Site

Horse Trotting Track proposed next to Battle of Bannockburn Memorial site.

Last week we were over at Bannockburn chatting to people who were there for the independence march & rally. Fiona videoed the marchers entering the Bannockburn ground. And I had some great chats with people about the coming general election. Those chats are in our Final Countdown election special.

While we were there we heard people talking about a planning application that has been lodged with Stirling Council to build a Horse Trotting / Racing Track on land adjacent to the Bannockburn Memorial site. The proposal includes associated drainage and erection of amenity facility for the provision of toilets and including a licensed bar and hot food and drink, and also the formation of competitor and spectator vehicular/footway accesses and parking areas | Land West Of New Line Road And South Of Fairhill Road, Whins Of Milton. Reference Stirling Council

One of our readers just messaged to say: Ironically there used to be a trotting track – Corbiewood Stadium – just a couple of miles away from the memorial site which was sold and demolished recently to make way for new housing. Wonder if it’s the same people involved?

The National Trust for Scotland has responded:

The National Trust for Scotland wishes to strongly object to this planning application due to the adverse effect it would have on a heritage site of national and international importance: the nationally designated Battlefield of Bannockburn, along with the A-listed monuments on the site, and the visitor experience of the site.

Their full letter to Stirling Council
National Trust for Scotland

Mary McCabe, Pensioners for Indy National Co-convenor, is also on the Case.

While we were there we noticed a crowd of people around the Pensioners for Indy stall. Now there are always people at that stall – they have some great leaflets, t-shirts – and sometimes cakes!

But this time it was a queue of people waiting to sign a petition organised by Mary McCabe against the proposal. She got 140 signatures as word got around about the petition. And she is in contact with Stirling Council and with her own MSP. If you would like to add your name, please contact Pensioners for Independence. Leave your details and they will get in touch.

Horse Trotting Racer
Trotting racer

However a Directive has been issued by Scottish Government giving them power to intervene in the decision-making process.

We are very pleased to hear about this directive. It means that should Stirling Council be minded to grant permission for this to go ahead, they have to notify the Scottish Government. ScotGov can then call in the proposal to further consider its impact. And they have the powers to stop the development going ahead.

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