Coronation Day was ….quiet!

Apart from half a dozen tourists watching the event on the big screen in Princes St Gardens, Coronation Day in Edinburgh was a very muted affair – unless you were up on iconic Calton Hill where Our Republic were holding a Rally for a Scottish Republic.

In this episode we have collected up the best of the speeches from the rally.


00:00  Intro

1:52    Our Republic

4:24     Tommy Sheppard MP

13:23    Maggie Chapman MSP

19:19    Connor Beaton RIC

23:11    Cllr Graeme Campbell

25:55    Cllr Ross McKenzie

30:04    Malini Chakraborty

38:12    Round up

You can find more of the Coronation Day action and other constitutional questions in our Constitution for Scotland category.

If you would like to sign the Declaration of Calton Hill you can do so here

Also, did you know we blog too? Check out our blogpost looking at the latest polling on support (or otherwise) for the monarchy – find it here

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