Who wants a Scottish Republic? 

Our podcast team had a day out in Edinburgh recently to attend a meeting called For A Scottish Republic, with a panel including the Lorna slater and Patrick Harvie, co-leaders of the Scottish Greens, John Hill from Our Republic and French journalist Assa Samake-Roman.

Along with our guest Marion Robertson, Fiona and Marlene share our favourite moments from the For a Scottish Republic event and discuss the ideas which really hit home with us.

You can also watch the video version of this podcast on our Youtube Channel here:

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Michael D Higgins speech to Holyrood is here

Also, kudos to whoever organised the meeting venue – Summerhall, a former Veterinary college in Edinburgh which was a beautiful building, still retaining the spirit of its previous life!

the event For A Scottish Republic was held at Summerhall which was a former veterinary college. This is a signpost to the meeting room called the Dissection Room, which may have been its original purpose
Signpost to the Anatomy Theatre, another reference tot he former use of the building as a veterinary college now an arts venue and the venue for the event For A Scottish Republic
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