April saw the first Independence Rally of the year, organised by Pensioners for Independence and Believe in Scotland. The theme of the event was #EndPensionerPoverty. This episode brings together the speeches from the independence rally – minus the obligatory comments about how wonderfully sunny the weather was!

Speaking Up for Scotland:

The speakers included writers, trade unionists, poets, anti-nuclear campaigners, film-makers, politicians, activists, musicians, journalists. And one old age pensioner who also happens to be a podcaster. You’ll recognise her!

  • 00:50     Pat Kane (musician and journalist)
  • 06:11     Jane McAllister (film maker)
  • 12:47     Gordon Martin (RMT trade union)
  • 18:47      Ross Greer (Scottish Greens)
  • 23:07      Iona Soper (activist)
  • 28:57      Richie Venton (Scottish Socialist Party)
  • 37:21      Marlene Halliday (Pensioners for Indy – and Indypodcaster!)
  • 43:54      James Robertson (poet and author)
  • 49:50      Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp (Believe in Scotland)
  • 57:20       Humza Yousaf (First Minister)

We filmed everyone as the march entered George Square. It’s on our Youtube channel. See if you can spot yourself or your pals: Believers in Scotland March Into George Square .

There is a review of the event in our blog – looking at things like did the message get through? how successful an event was it? any improvements for next time?

The whole march and independence rally was livestreamed by Independence Live and can be seen on their Youtube channel.

Independence Rally. Speaking up for Scotland

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