“Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here” . That’ is one of the regular chant on our marches. We know that Scotland isn’t full up. We have plenty of room for New Scots. Our population demographics rely on immigration. We were even voted the friendliest country in the world by Rough Guide readers.

But is Scotland really such an open and welcoming country? Can we improve? That’s the theme for this month’s Indy Jigsaw show. We have footage and some of the speeches from Glasgow’s Stand Up to Racism demo on 19th March. We look at whether our attitudes to Ukrainian refugees is different to those from other parts of the world, like Afghanistan and Yemen.

We also welcome our special guest Holyrood MSP Elena Whitham. Elena explains why the Scottish Parliament has refused to consent to Westminster’s racist Borders and Nationality Bill.

Finally, Elena and host Marlene discuss their visions for an independent Scotland with a compassionate immigration policy and a warm Scottish welcome for all New Scots.

Welcome to Scotland Podcast

00:00Intro 02:30Stand Up to Racism Rally 18:30Elena Whitham 28:00U.N Representative view of the bill. 34:10Elena, what is a refugee, a migrant … 40:00Mohammed Asif, Afghani refugee. 45:40Elena Whitham

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