Over65s Why Still Not Yes?

Musician, author and journalist Pat Kane is our guest in this episode where we discuss why Over 65s are still not convinced about Scottish independence. Maybe there was a loss of confidence in 1980s when Thatcherism tore apart communities and when traditional industries with their skilled jobs disappeared? Or maybe the answer might lie in our musical influences – are former hippies, punks and post punks more likely to challenge the status quo?

Why Still Not Yes? Pat Kane

This discussion began at the head of the Glasgow March for Independence on April 20th. Our presenter Marlene was marching alongside Pat and asked him if he had any ideas about why older Scots are the only age-group not convinced by independence. Turned out that Pat had lots of ideas so we invited him into the studio and this podcast is the outcome.

Themes included in our discussion are:

  • 02:43 Musical influences on attitudes
  • 04:47 Post-war British consensus
  • 06:24 Rise of Scottish music and culture in the 80s and 90s
  • 07:10 Social class component shaping attitudes
  • 09:26 Sterlingisation and continuity
  • 10:28 Climate crisis and security
  • 12:02 Community resilience and the role of elders
  • 13:49 The long haul to indy
  • 14:56 Cosmo – localism
  • 16:16 War time experiences
  • 19:45 Hippies, punks and post punks
  • 23:17 Citizen self determination
  • 25:40 Spirit of 2014
  • 30:05 Community development
  • 38:10 Project fear revisited
  • 43:20 Our Third Act

Find out more about Pat Kane at Who Is Pat Kane? Have a look at The Alternative where Pat is an editor and intitiator.

There is a video version of this podcast on our IndyPod Extra YouTube channel. It will be available from 8pm on 25th June. Click on the image to watch it.

Over 65s: Why Still Not Yes? Pat Kane

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