Working in Gaza

Philippa Whitford recounts her experience of working in Gaza as a medical volunteer since the 1990s, the efforts of her colleagues in Medical Aid for Palestinians, the friendship she found and the tragedy of the now destroyed Gaza. The talk was hosted by Christians for Independence.

Working in Gaza. Medical Aid for Palestinians. Philippa Whitford

Themes in the talk:

  • 01:47 The Holy Land?
  • 03:49  Palestine history didn’t start on 7th October, 2023
  • 06:36  Two State Solution slipping away
  • 06:56   Gaza 1991/2 Al Ahli Hospital
  • 13:10  Breast cancer care
  • 19:45   Scotland-Gaza breast cancer partnership
  • 23:34   Issue is political
  • 29:52   Gaza now – total devastation
  • 33:25   They are not numbers
  • 36:38    Gaza needs – everything
  • 41:09    How could an independent Scotland help?
  • 51:04    How to donate to the Medical Aid for Palestinians charity

Follow this link to send a donation:


Working in Gaza. People not numbers. Philippa Whitford

The video version of this presentation is available on our Youtube channel from 8pm on 18th June: Working in Gaza

Philippa Whitford has featured in other podcasts. Last year she gave a talk to Yes4EU Group entitled “Scotland – a European Nation”.

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Working in Gaza
Episode 179