Mention Scottish independence and you will immediately be met by the Pavlovian response “but…but what currency will you use?” Of course the answer has been clear for some time, we will set up a Scottish currency for an independent Scotland.

The Scottish Government is clear that a Scottish currency should be introduced as soon as reasonably practicable. Opinions differ on what that might mean in practice. Clearly, there is still much room for debate on the exact details.

We are grateful to Yes Skye and Lochalsh for sharing their event with us. The guest speaker is former senior banker Ian Stewart. Ian is now an active member of the Scottish Currency Group. He gives an overview of the process of setting up a new Scottish currency for an independent Scotland. Ian also answers questions from the audience.

A Scottish currency – video version

If you would like to watch the video version of the event it is available on our Indylive Extra Youtube channel

For more on Scottish currency, please check out our other podcasts on the topic here . Also look out for more on this topic coming soon on Scottish Independence Podcasts.

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