A constitution for the common good

Welcome to the second of our two part mini series of the Indy Jigsaw Show looking at a constitution for an independent Scotland.

Last month we looked at the work Mike Russell is doing to gather ideas for an interim constitution. After that podcast aired, we had several requests from listeners to cover the Claim of Right, so in this month’s show we are carrying on that conversation.*

What is the claim of Right? Is it still a valid argument? Is it enough for a modern country? Jenny Eeles from Random Scottish History also gives us her view on the historical background and how the Claim of Right fits a modern context

Dr Elliot Bulmer gives us a fascinating run round the different types of constitutions that modern countries put in place. We discuss who benefits from having a written constitution and the dangers of not having one. He also dispels some myths about how the process of writing one.

Join us and our guests Jenny and Elliot as we ponder a constitution for an independent Scotland and how to make sure it is a constitution for the common good.

  • we briefly mention some slides in the Claim of Right section of the podcast – if you would like to see those they are in the Indy Jigsaw Extras playlist of our Indylive Extras YouTube channel.

We also mention our visit to Colonial HQ in Edinburgh for the Now Scotland demo – you can see from this pic how it got its nickname!

Now Scotland will be taking part in their annual demo outside of Holyrood on 23rd June between 11-1pm. We are hoping to cover that event, so pop along with a flag if you are free!

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Thanks for listening!

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