That’s May 2022 nearly up, so its time to look back at the bits and pieces that caught our eye this month. Nothing on Partygate, you will be pleased to note, but lots of other interesting snippets from Scottish politics, culture and activism.

Main themes this month are:

  • 01:05 Time for reflection in Scots
  • 05:50 A poem letter to Ukraine
  • 09:30 Pre-election open goal
  • 12:07 Scottish council elections
  • 14:25 NI council elections
  • 21:27 Responses to the Queen’s speech
  • 31:27 UK energy minister lets it slip
  • 35:26 Mhairi black goes viral
  • 41:12 Rwanda
  • 48:25 Scottish Food Coalition
  • 51:35 What is the Claim of Right?
  • 56:10 New Dr Who

Links mentioned in the podcast are:

IndyJigsaw show “Scot’s Leid”

Indyjigsaw show “A constitution for Scotland”

also, check out our YouTube channel Indylive Extra

This podcast contains information licenced under the Scottish Parliament Copyright Licence

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