Dissolving the Union with Graeme McCormick

Why did Graeme McCormick decide to stand in the SNP leadership contest and why did he then withdraw his candidacy to allow John Swinney to be elected unopposed? 

Dissolving the Union. Graeme Mccormick. Scottish Independence Podcasts

We last chatted to Graeme McCormick in September 2023 about his proposals to dissolve the UK union and how that might come about. That episode is called Routes to Independence. In the video version, Graeme illustrates his ideas with slides. Or you can listen to the audio version.

He brought his case to the SNP’s independence strategy conference last autumn but his amendment to the main motion was not carried. Then after Humza Yousaf resigned as FM and leader of the SNP, Graeme announced his intention to stand in the leadership contest against John Swinney.  In the event, John Swinney was elected unopposed. Graeme withdrew.

Dissolving the Union

Why did Graeme withdraw his candidacy?  Where does he think the independence campaign needs to go next? Is dissolving the union any closer?

This is a podcast  version of an episode of the TNT show on Independence Live’s Youtube channel.  As a live broadcast, their episode was plagued with technical issues which we have edited out. 

We have invited Graeme to talk to us on several podcasts. You can see them in this playlist.

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