This month’s Mibbes Aye show we looked at the topic of Land Justice to tie in with the Scottish Government’s Land Reform consultation. You can listen to that episode in our Mibbes Aye playlist on this website or check out the video version on Independence Live’s Youtube Channel.

Having recorded the episode, presenters Fiona and Marlene got to wondering how we ever got to the situation that fewer than 500 individuals own over half of the private land in Scotland. So we asked our favourite historical researcher, Jenny Eeles from Random Scottish History to explain how it happened.

This podcast is an Indylive Extra for those who are interested in Scottish history and how it reaches out through the centuries to affect us today. We find out how and when the landowners acquired full rights over the land and that Land Reform discussed in Parliament for at least the last 150 years. It is a fascinating story!

The Scotgov Land Reform consultation is still open, the deadline is October 30th 2022. You can give your views here

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