Unlocking Scotland’s Energy Powerhouse

This week’s podcast is another in the Mibbes Aye Series. Our guest is Dr Craig Dalzell, Policy Director of Commonweal.

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The Welsh Government is setting up Ynni Cymru their own energy company which will have part ownership in some of Wales’ renewable electricity resources. The Scottish Government can’t do that. Why not?

Find out as we ask Craig about the barriers and possible solutions to setting up a publicly owned energy company for Scotland.  

Key themes covered in our Energy Powerhouse discussion are:

  • 02:19   Q1: How has Wales managed to set up an energy company?
  • 05:46   Q2: Could Wales set up a public energy company for Scotland?
  • 07:04   Q3: Do we have other options?
  • 09:34   Q4: So what energy company CAN Scotland set up?
  • 16:31   Q5: Who makes money out of Scotland’s resources?
  • 18:02   Q6: Is the EU’s new zero strategy an opportunity for us?
  • 20:39   Q7: How can Scotland benefit?
  • 24:09   Q8: How else can Scotland get a fair return on our assets?
  • 29:55   Q9: How do we store our energy?
  • 35:30   Q10: What should Scotland do now?

Links to some of the resources mentioned in our Energy Powerhouse discussion:

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