Bits & Pieces – March Roundup!

Welcome to a roundup of clips and snippets that have caught our attention this month – enjoy!

Bits & Pieces Our monthly roundup of action, talk, & discussion from around Scotland. Scottish Independence Podcasts

Themes catching our eye for this month’s Bits & Pieces :

  • 01:04   Leo Varadkar resigns after Irish government referendum “drubbing”
  • 08:31   Mark Drakeford resigns and Vaughan Gething becomes the new First Minister of Wales
  • 12:17   Constitutional Commissions and Conventions
  • 28:41    Believe in Scotland ramps up for a summer of activism
  • 32:37    Holyrood Muirburn, Hate Crimes and the Presiding Officer gets tough
  • 50:00    Controversial new political parties and candidates 
  • 55:45     Westminster – Baroness Jenny Jones sums the UK up perfectly.

Contains information licensed under the Scottish Parliament Copyright Licence.

Watch our interview Pensioners on the March with Gordon McIntyre-Kemp and Marlene Halliday (yes, that’s our Marlene!) about the Glasgow March & Rally on Saturday 20th April.

We reported on the Wildlife and Muirburn Bill a few months back and there’s a podcast from Revive Grouse Reform group here Changing the Face of Scotland. You’ll find more in our blog here When Is A Snare Not A Snare

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