Beyond Brexit – 4 Years On.

On the fourth anniversary of Scotland being ripped out of the EU against our will, campaign group Europe for Scotland hosted a discussion panel to reflect on where we are now and the enduring bonds between Scotland and Europe.

Speakers are:

Andrea Pisauro, of Europe for Scotland,
  • introduces the podcast and gives a bit of background to Europe for Scotland.
Niccolò Milanese, is Director of European Alternatives
  • important year for democracy as over half population of the world has opportunity to vote. 
  • but is voting enough as an expression of democracy?
  • suggests the best way to define democracy is to think about how to advance it so that it’s not only about voting, it’s about citizens assemblies and other ways of citizens having a greater say in decision making.
  • Citizens Take Over Europe also involved in this. EU has recognised this and have organised citizens panels. EU parliament has also recognised that it needs more exchange and debate with citizens.
  • touches on how Scotland rejoin gin the EU might help bolster this democratic movement
Anthony Barnett of Open Democracy
  • Talks about Trump and Putin describing Putin is an expression of the worst aspects of Trumpism. There is a sort of Pu-Trumpism. They’re allies, smart gangsters. 
  • Talk about dangers of populism. But also of new-liberalism which has led to people thinking that voting doesn’t count. There are aspects of of Pu-Trumpism in Europe too. Neo-liberalism can’t reverse itself from the slogan of the market knows best. 
  • About Scotland he says SNP produced a WM style politics. It could have de-centralised Scotland but didn’t. It has been far too controlling and narrow which has led to crisis in the leadership which we’re seeing now. 
  • regarding the refusal of WM gov to deny Scotland it’s voice on independence, he agreed that it is anti-democratic
Guido Silvestri, co-president of Volt Italia

Links to organisations mentioned in the podcast :

Beyond Brexit. Europe for Scotland. Scottish Independence Podcasts

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