Nothing to lose but our chains – we talk to Colin Fox, leader of Scottish Socialist Party.

Colin Fox was one of three guests on an earlier show where we looked at non-SNP responses to the SNP’s election strategy.  We had a fascinating conversation with Colin which covered much more than we needed for the original show, so here is the extended version of that conversation.  

Colin Fox SSP Nothing to Lose but our chains. Scottish Independence podcasts

Topics covered include:

  • 01:26   Thoughts on the SNP’s independence strategy?
  • 03:39    Who will indy voters vote for if not SNP?
  • 04:50    Why would Scots ever vote for Starmer?
  • 08:54    Issues on the doorstep?
  • 11:24    The “why” of independence
  • 13:14    Thoughts on a constitutional convention?
  • 15:36    Plebiscite election or referendum?
  • 17:09    Who should negotiate with Westminster?
  • 17:44    Exclusive revelation about 2014!
  • 22:00     Is civil disobedience inevitable?
  • 24:53     Getting a majority for Yes
  • 27:03      A National Care Service for Scotland
  • 29:09      A written Constitution
  • 34:35      Building trust in politics
  • 40:50      Thoughts on a Labour Government at Westminster
  • 42:18       Lessons from Lenin and Gramsci

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