TNT Show host John Drummond chats to guest SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and then to Bella Caledonia editor Mike Small.

In last week’s stramash in the Commons we saw the Speaker doing a good job of sabotaging the SNP’s Opposition Day Debate. If you watched it you would have seen Stephen’s fiery attack on both the Speaker and Keir Starmer. This week’s podcasts was recorded before that stramash but interestingly some of the questions turned out to be very relevant!

Stephen Flynn. Mike Small. Scottish Independence Podcasts
Stephen Flynn

Stephen Flynn: topics include:

  • 00:36  Welcome to Stephen Flynn
  • :01:46   Are Scots Sovereign?
  • 07:06    What’s happening about setting up a constitutional convention?
  • 11:30    Are SNP MPs legitimising Westminster?
  • 19:20    Is the SNP assertive enough in its approach to Westminster?

Mike Small. Bella Caledonia Scottish Independence Podcasts
Mike Small

Mike Small: topics include

  • 22:44    Welcome to Mike Small
  • 23:40    What are the big issues today?
  • 27:00     Are the SNP too reactive?
  • 31:10     Is it enough to “get the Tories out”?
  • 39:38     What is the strategy for independence?
  • 41:34      The rise of the far right and populism

If you missed our video of Stephen defending the SNP’s Opposition Day Debate in the Commons the other week, you can watch it here on our YouTube channel : Fireworks At Westminster

We’ve added this podcast to our Indy Strategy playlist. Check it out for more ideas and discussion on the strategies likely to emerge for this year’s general election. In the podcasts Stephen was quizzed about the Constitutional Convention, a policy proposed by Joann Cherry and accepted at the SNP Conference last autumn. There is also quite a lot of discussion about that in the Indy Strategy playlist.

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