First Minister Humza Yousaf’s keynote speech at his first SNP conference as leader

Humza Yousaf Conference. Stronger for Scotland.

The speech was delivered while his own family members remain trapped in Gaza by the conflict between Palestine and Israel.  Against this emotional background his job is to enthuse and inspire not just his own party members, but the wider Yes movement.  Did he achieve that?  Listen for yourselves and we’ll let you decide. 

This is a bonus episode.

All the debates and speeches are on SNP National Conference YouTube channel.

Scottish Independence Podcasts is not party political, but we do occasionally share keynote speeches from a range of party conferences.  On this occasion, with a shameful virtual media blackout evident from main stream media, we thought it even more important that we share FM Humza Yousaf’s speech, as it sets the scene for the independence movement for the year ahead.  Please share it with anyone you think would find it of interest.

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