Doun Hauden – A Psychology of Nationhood

We are delighted to welcome Prof Alf Baird back onto the Mibbes Aye show as our guest this month to take us through the results of his research – described by many as “a lightbulb moment”.   

In his book Doun Hauden Alf draws on research from colonial experiences of decolonisation to re-examine the question of Scottish Nationhood.  

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So IS Scotland a colony?  

Well, not constitutionally or legally as Alf readily admits.  But is there a social, cultural and linguistic element of colonialism which can affect the mindset of a nation?  Alf’s research suggests this is very much a possibility and may well have been the determining factor in the result of the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum.

We didn’t agree with everything Alf claims about our Scottish psychological conditioning but he certainly got us thinking. Let us know what you think about the podcast in the comments below.

Sources mentioned during the programme: 

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  • Thank you Scottish Independence Podcasts team for this highly important episode.
    I do appreciate Doun Hauden’s presence and his insightful book and explanations.

Doun Hauden
Episode 29