Ferries – what’s the real situation?

All you ever wanted to know about ferries but were afraid to ask!  Ignore all the unionist dog whistle politics where the word “ferry” is shorthand for failure and incompetence.  We have to be able to have open and honest discussions about our infrastructure. What it is like right now, how can we overcome any problems and just how good could it be?

In this week’s podcast, presenters Fiona and Marlene are delighted to welcome guests Mike Robertson and Geordie Sandison from Yes Orkney and Professor of Maritime Business , Alf Baird to help us get to grips with ferries, catamarans, river boats and much, much more!

OK, we did get a bit excited towards the end, but that’s what happens when you look at the positive future that awaits an independent Scotland.

You can see Alf’s catamaran slide show on our Youtube channel here 

You can watch the video version of this podcast on Youtube here.

Prof Alf Baird was on the show a few months ago telling us about who owns Scotland’s ports (clue – not us!). You can catch that episode here

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Footage from the Net Zero Committee 31st Jan 2023 contains information licenced under the Scottish Parliament copyright licence.

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