Most Scots seemed largely indifferent to the Coronation which was certainly not reflected in the wall to wall obsequiousness of the mainstream media offering.

Instead we decided to escape the TV to join more than 20 thousand pals on a wee jaunt through Glasgow.  Marlene and Fiona battled the elements to create an outdoor podcast recording in the rain with, it has to be said, mixed results! But we’ve put together all the best bits of the day!

Obviously we can’t bring the spectacle and colour of an independence march to an audio podcast, but you can watch clips and the video version of this podcast on Independence Live’s Youtube channel here


0.00   Intro

4:41   The excitement builds

9:18   A flavour of the march

11:49  Inside the studio tent

15:38  Lesley Riddoch’s speech

22:52  More from the tent

25:54  Alex Salmond’s speech

28:20   Rainy reporting

30:50    Joanna Cherry’s speech

33:37   Post march reflections

35:20   Yes Stones brilliant tally of donations

39:39   Heading home

42:59    End

music:  Upbeat corporate by Rinkevitch music

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