Welcome to our Bits & Pieces Podcast June 2023, our round up of topical clips from the month of June. Regular presenter Fiona has a bit of a croaky voice this month, so our colleague James popped into the studio to share the chat – thanks James!

Topics covered this month are:

00:00:24  A written constitution for Scotland

00:06:27  A legal opinion on flaws in the Supreme Court Decision

00:11:43  Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp on the impact of a wellbeing economy on polling results

00:20:48  Lesley Riddoch on local government and community action

00:33:11  Alister Jack stirring up trouble

00:40:32   DRS woes continue

00:46:57   Report confirms Johnson is a liar

00:52:40   US presidential candidate nominations

00:58:17   Sign off

“Contains information licensed under the Scottish Parliament Copyright Licence”.

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