Thrive: The Freedom to Flourish is Lesley Riddoch’s latest book. It is a detailed look at where we are now on the path to independence, how we can move forward, and what may be holding us back from making that move.

Lesley has been touring Scotland giving this talk, reading excerpts from the book and sharing a selection of anecdotes. Anyone who is familiar with Lesley’s film documentary series “Nation” will not be surprised to hear her again draw inspiration from our Nordic neighbours. She also introduces us to some of those Scots who have decided to get on with whatever needs to be done to allow their communities to thrive.

These are the slides she uses to illustrate the book launch and you’ll hear her refer to them during the talk:

Hosted by the Perth Yes Hub at the Bell Library in Perth.

Order your copy of “Thrive” here.

And if you’d like to watch Lesley’s presentation in the Bell Library, here is the link

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