Welcome to another roundup of topical clips from the world of Scottish politics and culture – it’s the Bits & Pieces Podcast !

They say that if the month of march comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb. This originally referred to the weather, but it could also apply to the SNP leadership contest. The hustings started off with some fiery “robust” exchanges, but by the end, all three candidates seemed to remember that they were all on the same team. We include a handy list of Humza’s campaign promises in this episode.

As well as the leadership contest, we have our usual peek in the Westminster bear pit. Topics include:

  • the Windsor framework and its effect on Scotland
  • the importance of language
  • the cost of living and Sunak’s swimming pool
  • calling out the hapless Alister Jack

Back in Holyrood we drop into the Net Zero committee for an update on the Deposit Return Scheme – which, despite the best efforts of the opposition, is still making steady progress. If you would like to see a deposit return reverse vending machine in operation, we have a short video on our Youtube channel showing Fiona returning (an embarrassing number of) bottles to a return point in a Lidl in Helsinki – watch it here . Pop the items into the machine, watch the deposit mount up, print out a ticket which you exchange for cash or goods. Couldn’t be simpler.

If you would like to see video versions of some of the clips we have used on this podcast you will find them on our Youtube channel in the “Bits and Pieces Extras” playlist, here

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