Message from Iceland: Never Give Up

Katrin Oddsdottir is an Icelandic lawyer and democracy campaigner. After the UK Supreme Court ruling, she sent Scots a wee message via Lesley Riddoch.

Iceland’s Crowd Sourced Constitution

Katrin Oddsdóttir was one of 25 members of the Constitution Council of Iceland, which drafted the new constitution in a process recognised worldwide for its emphasis on democratic methods and social media tools. The draft constitution contains clauses on environmental protection, highlights international human rights law and the rights of refugees and migrants, and proposes a redistribution of Iceland’s natural resources – notably fishing.

It was kicked into touch by politicians in 2011 — but it’s making a comeback. In the 2017 video below Katrin is speaking at “The Pots & Pans Revolution, Re-heated – Iceland’s Constitutional Comeback” a meeting chaired by Lesley Riddoch with Patrick Harvie MSP and supported by the Scottish Government

You can read and listen to more by Lesley Riddoch here on her website. And the complete livestream recording of the Pots and Pans meeting is here:

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