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Our Chain of Freedom

Our Chain of Freedom – We did it!

It was a lovely day across the Scottish Central Belt. At midday, people started to gather on the various access points to the Forth & Clyde Canal. An hour later the bunting was draped on lock gates, dogs had they indy collars on, flags were flying, songs were being sung, and hands were joined.

Right across Scotland, hands were joined..

There were gaps, yes. But there we were, holding hands in long lines stretching along the canal bank. The IndyPodcasters were there. Here’s our souvenir Chain of Freedom video:

Thank you, Wilma and Judith!

None of this would have happened without Judith Reid and Wilma Bowie. They had the idea, and they had the determination to plan for it, to inspire us, and to battle through all the trials and tribulations that arose. And yes, Scottish Canals, we mean you!

We spoke to the pair of them earlier in the year. You can listen to the podcast or watch that chat on our YouTube Channel:

Want some more photos?

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  • Hello ladies, it’s my drone video shot at 6c.

    Had all kinds of techy problems trying to Livestream but managed to record &post to YouTube later!

    For Scotland,
    Chris, (Bodman) Austin.