Our Power: a Just Energy Transition

There is a lot said about the transition away from dependency on oil and towards an energy built on renewables. Its often referred – rightly – as a Just Transition. The world needs to make this energy transition. And it needs to be a just transition. Just in terms of helping make the transition without losing jobs and without losing businesses. But also just in terms of wealthier nations helping poorer ones with new technology.

What do Scottish oil-workers think about their industry?

Friends of the Earth Scotland have been talking to our off-shore workers. What have been the benefits and disadvantages of Scotland’s 50 year old oil industry? How do they see their energy industry changing? What would they do differently? Here’s a few minutes chat with some of them:

Our Transition, Our Rights and Our Energy.

Together they have produced ten demands spread over three areas for a Just Energy Transition covering training and skills, pay, job creation, investment and public ownership. Here they are in a nutshell:

Are you listening ScotGov?

FoE Scotland provide a lot of back-up information and costings to these demands. You can can find out more here. Just click on the image to see the full report.

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