Tom Nairn Breakup of Britain Conference What next for SNP & Labour

Out of the Maelstrom

Out of the Maelstrom was a phrase used in 2020 by Tom Nairn

Tom was one of the UK’s leading philosophers and intellectual grandfather of the movement for Scottish independence.

Out of the Maelstrom. Tom Nairn.

“Let’s go ahead”, he said, “and see what comes out of the Maelstrom”.

Tom Nairn

In 2020 he talked to Open Democracy about what he thought would be the likely breakup of Britain wishing the next five years.

Sadly Tom died in January 2023. The Breakup of Britain Conference in Edinburgh, Nov 2023, was inspired by his life and work,

Our podcast this week is one of the panel discussions that emerged from The topic of discussion is What Next for the SNP & Labour?. An appropriate topic for a event inspired by Tom since, although never a member of either of those political parties, he influenced both Gordon Brown to support devolution and Alex Salmond to support membership of the EU. Click on the image to go the podcast.

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