That Court Case…

So now we know… Scotland’s future is not in Scotland’s hands.

We have the ruling from the Supreme Court. A referendum on independence needs an agreement with the UK Government. And as it stands just now, the UK Government is not minded to agree.

A Win-Win for the independence campaign?

At first I just felt disappointed. If that seems a tad underwhelming, it’s because, right from when First Minister announced that the case was being referred to the Supreme Court, I’d thought it would be a win – win outcome for us. Of course I’d rather have had the other bit of that win-win and now be planning our podcast for a 12 month campaign. But as it is, the Supreme Court judges have clarified the situation. And asking the questiont now has cut short what would have been a much more protracted process that would have ended us in the same place. So we don’t like the outcome. But we’ve saved ourselves considerable time.

Scotland’s Immediate Response – Magic!

Fifteen Demonstrations in support of Independence happened simultaneously around the land. This was a brilliant idea by Lesley Riddoch. Here is a video from the Glasgow one:

The Indylive Podcast team was also in action at Holyrood, with this pic appearing in the National’s coverage of the event :

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was also quick to respond to the supreme court ruling, holding a press conference and Q+A all of which you can listen to in this week’s podcast here :

Watch this space, Westminster!

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