Twittering … Our Saved Tweets

Twittering – our Saved Tweets from the IndyPodcasters…

You know when you see an interesting tweet, or a funny one, or one that gets your goat? But then you can’t find them again later on? Twitter does let you save them. So you can look back and see if they’re really worth keeping. Here’s selection of my saved tweets that I think are worth twittering about.

Twittering our Saved Tweets. Scottish Independent Podcasts

Deirdre Brock, SNP MP for Edinburgh North & Leith: Gender Pay Gap

Andrew Bowie, Tory MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine. Westminster doesn’t work for Scotland!

Have a look at the replies and retweets in response to Andrew… they are mostly from independence supporters having fun by pointing out that he’s just put forward a good reason to be independent. Here’s one from Lesley Stark:

David Lammy, Labour MP for on holding another independence referendum. That’ll be a No, then!

“Dave to my friends. Labour MP for Tottenham. Shadow Foreign Secretary”. This is interview was from last year. But really it’s just too good not to keep sharing….the reporter referring to Scottish Labour as the branch office in Glasgow and then Lammy’s response. Have a listen.

MSM Monitor is back in action on Twitter. Keep this one for the General election campaign!

And last one for just now, we’re grateful to Sophie for posting this info-graphic. Scotland out-performing the UK.

Got any saved tweets yourself? Send them in to us and we might be able to add them to our collection for another Saved Tweets blog next month. Follow our Blog here.

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