Video Clips of the Week!

Our fab video editor, Fiona, keeps her eye out on video footage from Westminster, from Holyrood, from Yes Group meetings & from elsewhere. Some of her choices appear in our monthly Bits n Pieces podcast. Some of them are on our TikTok and IndyLive Extra channels.

And this week I’m going to let you see some of them here. They’re short and they’re just too good to miss!

Alec Salmond has an idea on how to stymie the Coronation 😂

The UK: “a tribal state of formidable complacency”

Michelle Thomson, MSP for Falkirk East, in the Holyrood debate on Scottish Independence:

Urgent Questions in Commons after UKGov blocks Holyrood Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill

This week UKGov invoked Section 35 of the Scotland Bill to stop assent for the Scottish GRR Bill. That is a first in the lifetime of the Scottish Parliament. Stephen Flynn, SNP leader at Westminster, asked an Urgent Question of the Scottish Secretary. It wasn’t just SNP members who had questions for him.

Hilary Benn and Charlotte Nichols, both Labour MPs had questions. Don’t miss Charlotte putting a Tory MP back in his box. Christine Jardine, Edinburgh LibDems MP, spoke. And Stephen Farry, Alliance MP for North Down, makes the point that UKGov has no problem dealing with Irish self-ID GRR certificates which have been in place since 2015.

And we can’t not give a spot to Glasgow MP Alison Thewliss. Put it simply she was ragin’.

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