This month’s edition of our Mibbes Aye series is all about our Border!

Our border in an independent Scotland in the EU (or EFTA) will require careful management, particularly the land border with England.  In this episode we listen to some of the experts who explain the principles of the common travel area, border management and the difference between a border and customs controls. 

Our studio guest is Ruth Ritchie who lives in a border community and tells us some of the practical day to day reality of life on a border. Ruth is one of the founders of Shared Border Shared Future.

In the podcast we refer to a paper co-authored by Prof Katy Hayward and Prof Nicola McEwen. It’s called An EU Border across Britain: Scotland’s borders after Independence.   

We created some infographics to go along with Katy Hayward’s explanation of good border management. Here they are:

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