Part 3 of our series examining the SNP’s independence strategy debate

In this podcast we talk to members of other independence parties to get their perspective.

We found two short excepts from the Scottish Green Party conference, followed by one from the Alba Party Conference.

00:01:00 Patrick Harvie speaking at the Scottish Greens conference

00:02:16 Alex Salmond speaking at the Alba conference.

Then presenters Fiona and Marlene talk to guests:

Independence Strategy Debate. Scottish Independence Podcasts. Colin Fox, Julie McAnulty, Dave Thompson

The themes that emerged in talking to our guests:

00:03:00 Q1: What do you think of the SNP resolution?

00:08:33 Q2: How do we build support for independence?

00:19:26 Q3: Would you support a constitutional convention?

00:28:23 Q4: What should the strategy be for the GE?

00:40:00 Q5: What if Labour win the GE?

00:48:09 Q6: Where do we go from here?

If you prefer to watch the independence strategy debate video, it’s on our YouTube Channel.

Parts1 and 2: Independence Strategy Debate

You can listen to Part 1 of this series, which covers the resolution, amendments and decision from the SNP conference. Just click on the image 👇

SNP Independence Strategy Debate. Scottish Independence Podcasts

In Part 2 of the series, we chat with three SNP members who were at the conference about their reaction to the strategy that was agreed. Click on the image 👇 to listen in.

Independence Strategy. SNP members share their thoughts. Scottish Independence Podcasts

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