Are we ready to support a well-being economy for Scotland? What is a wellbeing economy?  Does it make more sense to focus on measures of health, happiness and the environment than to focus primarily on economic growth? 

Gordon MacIntyre Kemp Believe in Scotland. A Well-Being Economy for Scotland

Economist and Chief Executive of Business for Scotland Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp presents his plan for developing a wellbeing economy for Scotland. And he has polling evidence showing that it would significantly increase support for Scottish independence.

Measuring the success of our country and population based on wellbeing rather than GDP could be a real game changer!  

Well-Being Economy for Scotland

Last year Gordon was joint speaker with Shone Robison, MSP, at a meeting organised by SNY Sidlaw. Listen to that podcast here: Well-Being Economics

Thank you Yes for EU!

This presentation comes from the AGM of the campaign group Yes for EU.  We are grateful to the Yes for EU for sharing the audio with us. You can also watch the video version of this presentation on Yes for EU’s Youtube channel.

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