This an update on our previous Mibbes Aye series on Land Justice. Loch Lomond is once again under threat by a planning application from Flamingo Land which the locals are united against. That should say still united against. There were over 40,00-0 objections lodged against the first attempt by Flamingo Land for their proposed development on the loch side at Balloch.

Ross Greer MSP led that battle and the proposal was turned down. Ross is leading the fight against this second attempt and we’ve include his recent speech in Holyrood. Encouragingly, there are getting on for as many objections second time round.

If you’d like to get updates on the campaign or get involved then click on the image.

More information on the Loch Lomond National Park website…. Yes, that’s right Flamingo Land hopes to build this in a National Park. No, we don’t understand how it ever got to this stage either.

You can listen to our original Land Justice episode. And if you like a bit of historical perspective you can watch Jenny Eeles talking to Marlene about some of the background to Scotland’s present day land ownership patterns on our Land Justice Extra.

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